Short Story Writing

Learn how to create well-structure, engaging short stories with this in-depth course. Study topics include: short story plotting and structure; analysing market needs; understanding your target reader; dialogue; focus; characterisation; identifying markets, including traditional magazine markets and online markets; selling your work successfully.

Writing for Children

Learn how to write effective fiction and non-fiction for children with the assistance of an experienced tutor.  All of our tutors are professional authors. Study topics include: children and young people as readers; writing for education; picture books; children’s fiction; information books; knowing the market; working with editors and publishers.


 Learn how to plan, write and publish your autobiography, with the help of expert writers. This online course will guides you step-by-step through the creation of your autobiography, from that first idea to completed book. At the same time you will be developing key writing and editing skills. You will also learn how to work with publishers and market your book successfully.

Novel Writing

This online learning course gives you all of the knowledge you need to write and sell your novel successfully, and includes support from expert tutors. The course shows you how to take those early ideas and turn them into a novel that other people will want to read. The course then guides you step-by-step through the process of creating and publishing your novel.

Medical Writing

This is an in-depth online course providing a comprehensive introduction to the work of medical writers. Subjects covered include: understanding the work of medical writers; core writing and editing skills; medical journalism; preparing clinical study reports; requirements of regulatory writing; preparing patient information leaflets; ethical issues; writing for medical education; working successfully as a freelance; marketing your services. 

Technical Writing

This is an in-depth online course providing a comprehensive introduction to technical writing. Includes online support from our expert tutors throughout the course. Subjects covered include: understanding the work of technical writers; core writing and editing skills; preparing technical reports; writing manuals; document design; writing for training and education; writing for online audiences, working freelance. 

Creative Writing

Explore your writing skills and personal creativity with the help of an expert tutor. Subjects covered include: unique writing voice; fiction writing – short stories and novels; script writing – plays, TV, and radio; poetry writing; core writing and editing skills; non-fiction writing – books, articles, travel writing, journalism; autobiographical writing; writing for younger readers – storybooks, novels, educational writing.

Business Writing

Become an expert business writer with the help of our comprehensive online course, including expert tutorial support. Learn how to write reports, manuals, letters, websites and e-mails that are engaging, accessible, well-written and meet your business goals.You will also learn how to write in a way that engages customers, clients and suppliers, conveying your messages clearly and in a way that compels action.

I've just completed the Novel Writing course. I'm very pleased with everything I've learned and the tutorial support I received. My writing skills have improved in leaps and bounds. The assignments were marked very quickly and the tutor provided detailed, constructive feedback each time. I can definitely recommend to others! 

Justin Taylor
Novel Writing

I'm really enjoying the course and have found the tutor feedback invaluable. I'm only half way but have already had my first short story published! I've never completed an online course before so wasn't sure what to expect, but it is working extremely well, from delivery of the course material to the quick turnaround on assignments. 

Fiona Evans 
Short Story Course

I would recommend this course to anyone seriously interested in writing for children. The course material is clearly presented and easy to follow; I'm sure I'll return to it many times in the future. A really valuable resource! The tutor feedback is returned within 7 days; comprehensive and honest but always constructive and helpful.

Marion Hall 
Writing for Children

Food Writing

Become a food writer!

Subjects covered include: opportunities in food writing; core writing and editing skills; food journalism; history of food writing; blogging about food; online food writing; developing your career as a food writer; restaurant reviews; food writing for magazines and newspapers; photographing food; writing cookbooks; working with publishers; working in TV and radio; creating video; building your profile as an expert; working successfully as a freelance; marketing your services; building a portfolio.

Professional Copyediting

Develop the skills you need to work professionally as a copyeditor with this accredited online course. The course includes all required study materials and friendly, expert tutor support

 Subjects covered include: basics of copyediting, BSI symbols and copyediting marks; proofreading; the publishing process; the editorial team; house style; working with a range of documents; working with electronic files; electronic workflow; running your copyediting business; marketing your services and finding work.   

Professional Proofreading

Develop professional proofreading skills. Accredited online training with expert tutor support.

Subjects covered include: the publishing process and the proofreader's role; the editorial workflow; core proofreading skills; the structure of a book; practical proofreading skills;  marking up proofs; understanding proofs, editorial style, house style and style sheets; working with authors and editors; working with electronic files; taking a client brief; running your proofreading business; finding work.

Health Writing

Become a health writer!

Health and fitness writing remains one of the most profitable parts of the publishing industry, both online and off-line. Health magazines and books often dominate bestseller lists and feature heavily on fiercely competitive supermarket shelves. Similarly, health and fitness blogs and online magazines are among the most popular web content.

Learn how to create articles, blogs and books that sell, and find profitable markets for your work. ​

Horticultural Journalism

Our online horticultural journalism course will guide you step-by-step through the development of a freelance journalism career, including a realistic assessment of your current writing abilities and intensive work on raising the quality of your writing if needed. We'll explore freelance writing opportunities in depth, and show you how to find those markets that best match your personal interests and abilities as a writer. An important focus of the course will be the creation of your writing portfolio, which will form the foundation of your career in horticultural journalism.

Garden Writing

Launch a new career as a garden writer!

Subjects covered include: understanding the work of garden writers; core writing and editing skills; your development as a writer; working with publishers and editors; self-publishing; information and 'how-to' books; writing for magazines; writing for gardening and horticultural education; writing for online audiences; working successfully as a freelance; establishing yourself as a gardening expert; marketing your services; building a portfolio.

Online Copywriting

 This course guides you through the development of professional copywriting skills. Whether your goals is to work as a copywriter full-time or you need strong online copywriting skills in your professional life, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need.

Subjects covered include: effective online communication; content strategy; understanding online audiences; writing for websites; landing pages and one page sites; ezines and articles; creating ebooks; copywriting for SEO; running a copywriting business.

Blogging for a Living

Learn how to earn a living as a blogger with this indepth practical course.

This is a comprehensive online course during which your expert tutor will guide you through the process of planning, designing and launching a professional blog. You’ll also learn how to market your blog effectively. During the second half of the course you’ll focus on building traffic, promoting and monetizing your blog. You’ll have access to the latest research, techniques and ideas, as well as an expert blogging tutor who you can contact at any time.