Writing for the Web

Develop Your Online Writing Skills.

Online markets offer many exciting new opportunities for writers, ranging from web pages, articles and news features to ebooks, training courses and marketing material. Not only have many new markets emerged, but traditional markets, including familiar newspapers and magazines, are increasingly moving their content online.

Learn how to write successfully for online markets, research suitable markets for your work, and sell your writing successfully.

The course material is delivered directly to your email address as pdf files, which you can save to your computer and print off. You can also purchase additional printed notes to accompany your course.

The web provides a unique context for both writers and their readers, with its own rules and limitations. This is why it is so important that writers moving to the web do not simply transfer their ‘in-print’ skills to web pages, but take the time to explore the unique requirements of this specialised media.

Online markets are becoming increasingly important as more publications move online.

The assignments in this course are flexible, so you can use them to work on developing core online writing skills or concentrate on creating and marketing writing projects relevant to your unique interests and experience as an author.Work with an experienced online author as you learn how to market and sell work successfully online.The course includes 6 modules and 6 tutor-market assignments.

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Add Printed Notes

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Our courses are delivered online as pdf files. They can be saved to your computer or printed off. However, you can also order printed notes to accompany your course. These include all of the course notes in the pdfs as well as additional activities and space to allow you to make notes as you work through the course. Printed in B&W, the workbooks are supplied in attractive, matching A4 ring binders. Price includes post & packing. This option is only available to UK-based students.

The cost is £60 including courier fees.

You will be offered the option to purchase a printed copy of the course notes after enrolment, but you can order them at any time during your course. This offer is only available to students currently enrolled on the course.